We are opening a new location and any donations made will go towards this! We will be opening Early 2015. Thank you for your support!

The greatest factors affecting our health are our behavior and lifestyle choices. We can all choose to make more positive choices and less harmful ones and Rachel at Women’s Balanced Body is here to help!
A life of true “wellness” goes beyond the physical, taking a holistic approach and integrating the emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of our lives. When any of these are out of balance, we feel a sense of “dis-ease” and stress, which in turn can trigger emotional eating, irritability, depression, digestive issues, insomnia and weight problems. In time, these issues may lead to life-limiting conditions such as heart disease or cancer. Rachel believes in treating each client holistically so that balance can be restored.
Creating wellness means being proactive in our lifestyle choices. We must take responsibility for our own health and happiness. Deep down, we know what we should be doing (or not doing!) We know we need to drink more water, eat more vegetables and take more exercise. But bringing all aspects of our lives into balance takes time – it includes developing healthy relationships with friends, family, our community and our environment and nurturing our spiritual life. Rachel’s coaching, whether through group classes or one-on-one, can show clients how to ensure that all aspects of their lives are being nurtured.
As you work with Rachel and gather more information, you will gain confidence in the ability to restore your body to optimal health on every level! 


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